a hurricane is a big storm that can be up to 600 miles across. spiraling into the upward at 75 miles per hour. it last for a week maybe a little while longer. how dose it forme? the ocean has to be 80 Fahrenheit. it is normally 5 to 15 latitud. north of the south ecwater.The Coriolis Force is needed to create the spin in the hurricane and the worm air has to form a colous  the wind to start ha pinning.

historical examples.

1938 new England hurricane. it killed 682 people and destroyed 57,000 homes. 306,000 dollars to repair. hurricane Katrina killed 1,833 people. i cast 108,000 doles to ratepayer.

human impact

thousand of people die every year for me hurricanes.  and  what can we do to  fix that we could go to higher places and get notifier for the poor that don't have them and we could help people by letting them live in you house if you live in a house if they got destroyed and watch news to see if thr is any storm/herican weather warnings  evacu what if can help pore get out biled concert shelters.

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