by: Anna Davis

Weathering is the breaking down of rocks formed by the weather, rain, and water. There are even different types of weathering! For example, there is chemical, mechanical, and organic weathering processes. The chemical process is the decaying or decomposing of rocks. Organic weathering is when plants break up rocks when the plant roots grow or plant acids try to dissolve rock. Mechanical weathering is when rock is physically broken apart. Mechanical weathering can also damage bricks on buildings. Weathering and erosion often work together. Erosion happens after rocks have been weakened or broken apart by the weathering process. Erosion is when rocks and sediments are swept up and moved by to a different place by ice, water, wind or gravity.

This video is about how weathering and erosion effect earths landforms. It will inform you about how glaciers, ice, water, and different sediments break up mountains and caves.  This video is five minutes long, so just watch part of it.

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