Death is around the corner..... Will you be next?

On July 20, 1922, the popular Jay Gatsby was killed in his own home. He was found a couple hours after the interaction dead inside his pool. Well known for his fascinating parties he also happens to be a very wealthy gentlemen of the town. No one never really knew Gatsby's exact occupation but many had their very own stories that they had heard of. His killer George Wilson was also found dead by the pool, not even minutes after killing Mr. Gatsby he committed suicide. George Wilson is known as the owner of Wilson's Garage. Wilson friends and relatives say that Wilson believed his wife was having an affair so he investigated and apparently took action himself. George Wilson's wife, Myrtle Wilson, was found dead several days ago after being the victim of a hit and run incident that outraged Mr. Wilson. George Wilson was interviewed that night and he came to the conclusion that whoever was the driver of the yellow custom car was the anonymous mistress of his wife, Myrtle Wilson.

Allegedly, Gatsby and Ms. Wilson had been having an affair for months. George had become suspicious of this so he was believed to have confronted her about the situation. The discussion got rather heated and then quickly escalated into a very physical confrontation. Myrtle then retreated her home and hurried into the street and attempted to stop a car that she believed to be her mistress, which resulted in her death. There were a couple of witnesses on the scene that could give a pretty descent detailed description of the car and what actually happened. Many of the witnesses seen the actual car but no one actually knew who owned the car or was driving the car. Tom Buchanan, a man spotted on the scene comforting his good friend George Wilson claimed to have known to whom was driving the car. Overheard speaking to George Wilson his exact words were that similar of "Gatsby he's the one who has done this, that was his car you seen me driving earlier...." and thats all I heard until I was removed from the scene of the crime. It was several days after this that the devastating discovery of Mr. Gatsby's death would be discovered.

Jay Gatsby is survived by Henry Gatz, his father and Nick Carraway, a special friend. Jay Gatsby was only in his early 30s, rather young. He was a successful self made millionaire and made many proud.

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