An animal cell is like a restaurant  

by Mackenzie and Molly

An animal cell is much like a restaurant. you have the cell membrane that controls the movement of materials and you have a restaurant doors that controls who goes in and out. then the have the cytoplasm that holds all the other organelles in their place and then you have a restaurant floor that holds all the tables and chairs. next in the cell you have a nucleolus, which controls what happens and you have the restaurant manger that con told what goes on as well. then you have a mitochondria that produces energy and that is compared to a burger drawer that stores food. next is a endoplasmic reticulum or ER, but that produces many substances an ER is compared to a restaurant kitchen which also produces many substances. next we have ribosomes which make protein and is compared to a hamburger cook which produces hamburgers and a hamburger has protein in it. next is a Golgi apparatus which stores and transport important information and that is compared to a front counter because employees take food from the kitchen and put it into bags and send it off the the person. next is lysosomes. lysosomes is like a janitor because they both get rid of the bad junk. last but not least is peroxisomes. they break down poison and it is compared to an inspector because the inspector gets rid of the bad stuff in the kitchen. and that is how a cell is like a restaurant.