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The Truth Behind Protein

The Digestion system is a very complex system. One of the main parts of the digestion system is the liver. The liver's function is excretion, sythnthesis of plasma protein, blood clotting, metabolism, and detoxification. Imagine if your liver were to develop a form of liver cancer due to the spread of unhealthy cells in the liver. That could have a major impact on your body. Choosing which type of protein shake you drink carefully may help keep your liver safe.

In this picture of replica livers that were left in different protein shakes for 24 hours you can see an obvious size differences. The top liver was left in 2 scoops of Chocolate protein and water, the middle was left in 2 scoops of Vanilla protein and water, and the bottom one was left in 1 scoop of Vanilla protein and water. The smaller the liver the better since the bad cells will have less space and chance to spread causing liver cancer. The livers were all of similar size to begin the 24 hours but the 2 scoop chocolate made the liver's size increase greatly, the 2 scoop increased the size of the liver as well but not as much as the 2 scoop chocolate, and the 1 scoop vanilla had a dramatic size decrease from the others.

Next we have the 1 scoop chocolate simulated liver on the left and the liver with just water only on the right. The liver with 1 scoop of chocolate increased in size but not as much as the 2 scoop vanilla and chocolate, and more than the 1 scoop vanilla, however on all the liver replicas there is a powdery residue which was left from the powder that the water did not have, and the water only liver seemed to retain its size and color the best.

So the fact is, when choosing your post workout drink, remember based on the studies water is the healthiest option but if you are really in the mood for a protein shake then your best bet for health and liver safety is a 1 scoop vanilla protein shake.

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