domains and kingdoms

by: joseline lopez

Domain archaea

The archaea domain only has one kingdom.That kingdom is archaea!!! Archaea is a unicellar cell. It also is prokaryote. Archaea can live in extreme heat. Archaea produces asexually.Some archea are autotrophs and some are heterotrophs.


bacteria is in the kingdom bacteria . Bacteria is unicellear , and is prokaryote. And lastley domain bacteria only has one kingdom ,its bacteria .


the domain eukarya has six kingdoms . The eukarya domain has only eukaryoute cells. There are divided in to six kingdoms . It includes plants, animal, fungi, and protists . These organisms are classified together because they are made up of eukaryotic cells . Characteristics like structure, funtion ,and method of reproduction.

kingdom animalia

in the kingdom animalia are more complex and are commonly reffered to as animals.         they are multicellular and heterotrophs. Most reprodution in this kingdom is sexual.

kingdom fungi

fungi is classified in domain eukarya. fungi is asexualy .they are prokaryote.

kingdom protists

kingdom protist in the domain eukarya . In this kingdom most of them are unnicellar but some are multicelliar.they can be hetrophons or auototrophs. All the eurkaryotes . most of them live in water.

kingdom plantae

the last kingdom is kingdom plantae!!!!! they are multicellauar ,eukaryotes ,and they are mostly plants .

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