Cruelty in war

Horses suffering

Horse being dragged by soldiers and after being wounded or killed

Horses in WWI

  • Horses were sent into war by the millions with the military knowing they were no longer useful in battle because of no mans land between the trenches.
  • Many horses were killed intentionally by opposing sides because they knew that horses were a useful means of transport.
  • Horses which were wounded would often cry out and attempted to move around as they were suffering until they finally died.
  • Soldiers who were in the war would often watch the animals suffer without being able to do anything about it besides listen to their cries
  • Suffering horses and wounded horses who were no longer useful were often killed to be put out of their misery unless their injury was treatable.
  • The remaining horses who survived the war were either sent off as food or they were to traumatized to live a normal life and could not usually become a farm horse or pet.
  • 62.000 Horses died because of bombing and the technology which was invented rendering them useless to attacks from tanks, planes, bombs, and the barbed wire and craters in no mans land.

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