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To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Patrick Duncan for a spot in the Freshmen class of the University of Texas at Austin. He is an overall pretty great person and loves to help out with the community. I have the great opportunity of being his teacher for the last four years. He has great work ethic so you will not need to worry about him slacking off at all. He is an AB student and takes pride in doing well. Not only does he do well in school he is a great track and cross country athlete.

What makes Patrick a great person is his work ethic and his eagerness to help others. He has never had trouble with getting his work done and turned in on time and never complains or procrastinate Overall he has an amazing work ethic and i have never had any trouble with him at all. In class Patrick is always eager to help and always volunteers for any extracurricular activities. He is a great student who strives to do his best in class as well as anything else he commits to. Patrick is a deserving person to be accepted into your school because he always works hard and strives for his very best.

Patrick will do very well at your school if you decide to accept him, he will excel beyond your standards as he has in my class. There is no doubt in my mind that you will accept him because he is an excellent student who will make a great addition to your academy. If you have any other questions about Patrick you can contact me at batman34789@gmail.com .

Greatest Regards,

Herman Duncan

AP Chemistry Teacher

El Dorado

El Paso TX 79938

Tel. 123-456-7890


Persuasive Essay

As you guys know I Patrick Duncan would love to be accepted into your school the University of Texas at Austin. But many of you would question, why should I be accepted into your school? Well since you asked, I believe that i should go to your school because I am a great student and I am always determined to accomplish my goals.

I do believe I am a great student for your school. I have always strived to get good grades and through those efforts I have never gotten anything below a B in a class. Which at least in my mind is a pretty good accomplishment. If I ever do get below a B I work my butt off to try not only to get that B but to get an A in that class. So if you accept me you should expect nothing below a B from me.

I also have a lot of determination in everything I do. As soon as I start something I always make sure that I finish it. If there is a goal I have in mind there is nothing I won’t do to achieve it. For example in track season this year I was in second place about 10 meters behind the guy in front. I would accept that he was faster than me. So I pushed and pushed and sprinted as hard as I could and in the end I got first.

In conclusion I do believe that I deserve to be accepted into your school. I am always determined to do my best in everything I do. And no one else out there will work as hard as I work to accomplish what I want to accomplish. So please take this into consideration as you decide to accept me into your school.

Cover Letter

Dear Wally Mart,

As you may infer I am looking for a working position at your store Wal-Mart. To me working here is a great opportunity to pay for my college courses at the University of Texas at Austin. And in turn help your store gain a good reputation and make some money.

I am taking liberal arts courses at UT austin which I hope will make me a better leader and will help me at this job. I have no experience in this type of work but I have worked as a dog walker in maryland. I always work with others as a team and I am pretty good with people. I also strive to be helpful to anyone who needs it. So you should expect me to be there when a customer is in need.

If you should let me work at this establishment you should never expect me to be late. Always expect me to be there at least five minutes earlier than I am supposed to. I will also be the last one to leave if that is what is needed of me. I am a hard worker and don’t ever give up.

Thank you in advance for considering me to be the one for this job. I hope we can make things work and let me work at your Wal-Mart to become a team.


Patrick N. Duncan

14323 Kiowa Point Avenue

El Paso, TX 79938




Patrick Duncan

Career Objectives

I just want to earn money to pay my way through college.

Education History

July 2014 - May 2018

Pebble Hills High Schol
High School Diploma
El Paso, Texas

» It was a normal everyday high school and it was pretty cool

Work Experience

Aug. 2011 - July 2012

my neighbor
Dog walker
Odenton, Maryland, Maryland

» i walked their dog and fed and took care of it when they were working.

Extracurricular Activities

Track and Field, Cross Country Running

Skills & Abilities

» Committed


Mama Duncan

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Mama Duncan


14323 kiowa point avenue

El pao, Texas




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