by Tyler O'Brien

Loyalty is defined as a strong feeling of support or allegiance, and is exemplified by backing one's team when they are correct, and corrected them when they falter. It is also essential that the leader puts the team's needs above his own.

Tom Brady exemplifies loyalty to the New England Patriots by setting aside personal preference for the better interest of the team, a defining characteristic of loyalty. By putting the team's interests ahead of his own, Brady frees up cap space for the team to re-sign other valuable assets evidencing his priorities.  He solidifies his allegiance by essentially choosing team success over personal gain.

Three women in Washington, D.C. remain loyal to the police force despite several incidents regarding police brutality.  These women support the group of people in charge of protecting individual citizens, and are determined to counter the negative conception of police officers.

Despite years of torment and uncertainty, Sacramento Kings fans remain loyal to the shield, and continue to support their team.  Despite consecutive losing record every year since 2005 and many rumors about relocation, Kings fans still dominate the division in average daily attendance and by all accounts is as loud as any arena around the league.

A poor example of loyalty exemplified by a WWII American pilot that defected from the nation's army in order to join Nazi forces in Germany. This act of treason crossed the United States, where Martin James Monti's allegiance lied.

Over the summer, Market Basket employees displayed their allegiance to the store by standing by it and continuing to show up to work despite the protests. While their decision was likely influenced by the fact that they get paid by Market Basket, they still had to persevere through significant protest.

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