Meaning : Wild Rice People

Past History

The Menominee people lived in Wisconsin and upper Michigan.

Present History

They live in a reservation in Wisconsin. Today Menominee language is endangered because most children don't learn it any more.


Women wore woven skirts.Men wore breech cloths with leggings they did not wear shirts.Both genders wore mantles in colder weather and they wore peer skin moccasins on there feet.  


They lived in Wisconsin and upper Michigan there houses were made up of Many  types of dwelling ,dome shaped  wigwams ,and rectangular lodges  with bark covering.


There tools and weapons were bows and arrows ,clubs ,stone axes ,spears  for fishing ,and nets.


Menominee kids like to do  hunting,fishing,dolls,they also like to throw snow snakes do lacrosse, and bag racing.

Interesting facts

Most Menominee speak English,today some older  Menominees speak native Menominee language.Menominee is a musical language that has many verbs with many parts.Menominee make belts out of wampum!They told traditional Menominee legends and fairytales.



The Menominee ate wild rice,deer, fish, squash,beans,nuts,berries and maple syrup.

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