Technology going to far?

Some of the reasons that we disagree with MacBooks is because they are a big distraction. The computers are also a new way to cheat. People who read printed text comprehend more and learn more than those who use digital things. Kids stay online and don't go outside to play,therefore kids and teens are getting to be obese. This graph shows the amount of change in weight since 2001. Printed texts cannot crash nor freeze but a laptop can be hacked and can freeze if too much activity.

Cons of technology

Everyday kids/teens and even adults get cyber bullied by people behind a screen.

"child pretors are a problem everywhere." States concordia online.

More evidence is More expensive: “Lee Wilson, a prominent education marketing expert, estimated the annual cost per student per class with tablets to be $71.55 vs. $14.26 for print textbooks.”

Print textbooks cannot crash: “Unlike tablets, there is no chance of getting malware, spyware, or having personal information stolen from a print textbook.”

Distraction: “Students may pay attention to apps, email, games, and websites instead of their teachers. 87% of teacher think that they are a distraction.”

Cyber Bullying: “Child predators are a problem everywhere.”

Understand things better: “People who read print text comprehend more, remember more, and learn more than those who read digital text.”

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