Rachel Should Wear the Ring

Rachel met him first, kissed him first, and loved him first. It's perfect!

"She's the second born!"          

So what?! Rachel and Jacob love each other and should not be separated!

I should be the one to marry Jacob! I am such a nice and caring woman! I work twenty-four seven by always caring for my cute and cuddly sheep. I may be the second daughter, but that doesn't matter! I have actually become a better person by learning from all of Leah's mistakes. Trust me, Leah makes a lot of mistakes. One of them is that she is trying to take my soon-to-be husband. Speaking of my "nice" sister, Leah, Jacob should not marry her. They barely even know each other and ,lets face it, have nothing in common. Jacob and I are both the second child, and we both love each other!

I Should Wear the Ring!

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