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America needs more senators

Qualifications: 1.You must be at least 30 years of age.  2.Also you must be a citizen of the United States for at least nine years.  3.You also have to be a resident of the state you are elected in.
Special qualifications:
1. You must be born from the state that you are being elected from. 2. You must be born exactly on the 28th of a month.
3. You must have exactly three siblings.  

Duties: 1. You will be a legislator, which means you will be making laws. 2.You will be a committee member, meaning you will examine proposed laws. 3.You will represent your people in the following ways: Trustee: you will decide based on merits. Delegate: you will vote how your people back home would vote.  Partisan: you will vote along party lines. Politico: a balance of all of the above factors. 4. You will be a servant of your constituents, by helping the people that you represent. 5. Finally you will be a Politician, so you will run to get reelected.

Salary & other benefits: 1. You will make at least $174,000 per year for your duties. 2. Aside from your salary you will receive: tax deductions, health insurance, life insurance, a retirement plan, house allowances, and free mail.

Terms: 1. You will have a six year term and there is no limit on the terms you can serve.

Created by: Jorge Nava

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