Some Crazy Things you can do in Tokyo

Getting to a destination and doing the usual tourist stuff is so old school, especially if you are in Tokyo!

How about doing some unusual stuff? Not only it will leave you with various distinct experiences to have and share, it will also get you closer to the City and its culture.

1. Get around in a rickshaw! Now you say what’s so unusual about it right? Well, head to Asakusa and experience the difference. Asakusa – a district that is so pre-war and everything here has a traditional touch to it be it houses, shops, temples and Geisha bars!

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2. Get up, close and personal with Geisha – No, searching for them on the roads of Asakusa will not do you any good or get you anytime with them. Get inside one of the Geisha bars and see them perform. You might also get a chance to have your food with them and learn more about them and their tradition.

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3.Visit themed restaurants – Tokyo has various themes from Maids to Mario and from Alice in Wonderland to Ninja themed restaurants, and then there are some animal cafes to be explored! And you thought you have visited the coolest cafes around the world!

Ninja themed restaurant in Tokyo

4. Get naked! Yes! – Originally, there wasn’t any provision for private baths in Japan and therefore had developed a system for public baths. Now these are a rage among the locals and tourists alike. Head to Sento – public bath or Onsen – for a relaxing bath in one of the natural hot springs! Stripping completely is mandatory! And remember what your Mama taught you when you were young – Staring is bad manners!

5. Get a manicure – This one’s for the girls only – manicures in Tokyo are of a different kind –quite colourful with cute little designs. A different world waiting for you!

In case, you find some more weird and crazy places to visit in Tokyo, do share that as well – would love to know about it. Happy Crazy Journey to You!