Getting a degree course in college is one of the most difficult things anyone could undertake. The choices that anyone has to take are difficult since many colleges and universities offer many degrees and at times this could be overwhelming to anyone. From arts to sciences there are many courses to choose from. These then are still broken down to courses like communication, marketing, chemistry, nursing, engineering, architecture, political science, psychology, linguistics, fine arts among many many others. Some of these courses are even prerequisites to higher levels of learning like law, medicine, graduate studies. To most of us, the question of “what course should I get in college?” had been a pressing question. To better facilitate this question, there might be a need to ask the question “What degree course should I take based on my personality?”

Knowing your personality type is a good take off point when getting or choosing a degree in college. In high school you might have a clear picture of who you are. From this you can also get a glimpse on what course should fit you. For example, a flair for writing and speaking as well as building good rapport with others may be best expanded with a degree in journalism, broadcast, and social research. Those who are good in math such as statistics, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus maybe best suited for courses like engineering, actuarial math, architecture among other math related degrees. Those who are good in the sciences like physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, biology among others may be successful in the same courses. If you are the adventurous type then a degree course abroad may also be best suited for you. There are many excellent colleges and universities in Asia that would help you decide.

In the end, any degree in college would do just fine for you. Remember that it is on how studious you become, how resourceful you are, and how strategic you become that will spell the difference in your chosen course. A degree course from Singapore may definitely be an edge over the others but if you are that kind of student who doesn’t take studying seriously then you face failure in the near future.