Gladiator fame

By Hayden Whettam

Gladiators could become famous. How you might ask is they just had to win the crowd. If the gladiator won the crowd he would have the chance to become famous and win their freedom. The crowd had a lot of influence back then. the crowd is what decided what happens to the loser. they start out as slaves but they can become famous, but not all of them were slaves some were free men looking for a way to pay the debt. Also some were ex-solders. These Gladiators were treated like pop stars today, they were feed only the healthiest food at the time for a athlete. This is what they ate only water of a drink, dry fruits, cheese, goat milk, eggs, olive oil, meat, fish, bread, cereals and vegetable. They also ate three meals a day. Not only did they eat well the were given the choose of a hot or cold bath. They had to do this in front of 50,000 people. They also had to learn how to die with honor, they could not beg for mercy if the crowd said death you died. One of the most famous gladiators in roam was Spartacus, he was soled into slavery and became a gladiator.  

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