Welcome to Perena


Our weather is always just right. Never too cold or too hot. It's always sunny with a slight breeze. Blue skies and a warm sun that is never too hot. At night, when the sun is gone, Perena's temperatures drop only slightly. Never enough to be actually cold. The breeze goes away at  night to keep the temperature steady. Then, when dawn breaks, the day weather returns with blue skies and paradise. Occasionally, it will rain just the right amount to keep the utopia fresh and never dry.


The hobbies of the people in Perena are very recreational. when the necessary work and chores are completed, citizens are allowed free time to swim or just hang out with friends. Everyone is always included.


Kids go to school until they are sixteen years old and only for a few hours each day. They are never assigned work for after school and all the assignments are challenging but not super difficult. Each child gets special attention when it is needed for assistance with classwork.

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