Sales Presentation Project

Role play for the sale person: Well Hello, welcome to Belk, How are you doing today? May I help you find something? What are you looking for?
Role play for the customer: Hi, I'm doing fine , how are you doing ? I'm looking for a dress to wear to church.
Sale person: I'm fine , thanks for asking. What color are you looking for ?
Customer: I'm looking for a black dress.
Sales Person: Is it for an special occasion?
Customer: No its not. I just wanted to purchase a new dress for church.
Sales Person: Okay, well lets go look for a black dress.
Customer: I like this dress right here.
Sales Person: Would you like to try it on?
Customer: Yes I would.
Sales Person: Follow me this way.
Customer: I just love how this fit and look on me!
Sales person: Would you like to purchase it?
Customer: Yes I would love to purchase this!
Sales Person: This item is actually on sale for 50% off.
Customer: That's great.
Sale Person: Would you like to purchase something else with this item?
Customer: No I wouldn't, I would like to just purchase this dress today.
Sales Person: Okay that's fine , here go your purchase. Thanks for shopping with us.
Customer: Thank you , I will come back and visit this store again.