How to revise and edit a short story

when you edit your paper it may look like this:

editing means: to prepare for publication or presentation, as by correcting or revising or adapting to modify or change something to make it presentable.

to edit your short story follow the steps below:

1.correct all spelling and punctuation

2.if the story  does not includes the following then add more~ -translations -dialogue       -varied dialogue tags  -descriptive detail.

3.take out confusing sentences & make sure it all makes sense sure to finish and save all changes  (if use of technology)


you also haft to revise your short story!

revising: a process  of evaluating a written piece to improve coherence and use of language.

1. highlight translations

2.highlight dialogue

3.highlight varied detail

6. replace small words with more vocabulary words

7.improve punctuation and coherence

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