Mikenya Simmons Research Project

Electricity is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence and flow of electric charge. It gives variety effects such as lightning,static electricity, electromagnetic introduction, and electric current.

Benjamin Franklin was the first person to discover electricity. He wanted to prove that lightning is electricity, by flying a kite with metal keys in a storm. When the kite string stood erect, he touched one of the keys with his knuckle and was slightly electrocuted. Based on this experiment, he attached lightning rods to his house and he used the sparks produced to illuminate his house.

Electricity plays a role in natural world cause we use it in everyday life. We would'nt be able to live without electricity. Electricity is use through lights,stoves,microwaves, and also washing and drying clothes.

Interesting Facts:

1. Most forms of electrical energy in objects must be confined by wire when being used.

2. Lightning is an example of electrical energy found in nature.

3. Although electricity is neither a renewable nor nonrenewable source of energy, it often comes from both renewable and nonrenewable sources.

4. Electricity has been around for centuries but it was not until late 19th century that it was actually utilized.

5. Static electricity occurs when the electrons from one object jump to another object.

6. Electrical energy is considered a secondary energy source because it has to come from another form of energy.

7. Electrical energy is the most widely used form of energy

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