The purchase of fire insurance HDB needs to be aware of things

If you buy the house of the HDB, you must buy fire insurance HDB -

. Lucky thing is that the basic fire insurance is very cheap, and the unfortunate thing is that many people mistakenly believe that as long as the simple insurance can finished protecting their property.

Different house has different insurance types.If you rent HDB, you will have a designated by the insurance company. They will give you a fire insurance HDB area covered and policy of the price. You can choose according to the size of the unit price. Apartment fire insurance is contracted by a property management company. They are in charge of fire insurance for the whole block. If your house is belong to you, you are free to choose the insurance company. Want to know. Fire insurance belongs only to your property costs, and including the market value of the house.You can find insurance association staff to help calculate the cost of your insurance.

The kitchen fire, natural disaster, gas leak, conduit blowout, earthquake, aircraft parts fall, car crash, malicious damage of others, sprinkler system failure, storeroom charcoal of spontaneous combustion, etc. If your house is hurt by these reasons, you can ask the basic fire insurance the insurance company will compensate you. Many insurance companies will provide cover different content, different levels of insurance plans, amount and insurance costs are different is very big, you can compare their strategy and choose appropriate your insurance plan.

Don't forget to evaluate your insurance plan each year, they will likely cover you decorate cost, best according to the actual situation, updated annually insurance program. Check the duration of the insurance, choose appropriate fire on or before the expiry date insurance HDB. If you forget, your loss to your account. Also, pay attention to some terms, if ignored, they may let you lose.

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