Night of the Ninjas

Hero's Journey Analysis


Call to Adventure: Annie discovers that the magic tree house has returned and shows Jack.

Supernatural Aid: Jack and Annie do not receive any sort of supernatural aid.

Crossing the Threshold: This is when the tree house transports Jack and Annie from their world to the home of the ninjas.

Belly of the Whale: The belly of the whale would have to be when Jack and Annie are in the tree house and two ninjas begin to climb the tree to get them. Jack and Annie cannot find their way to escape, and nothing they do seems to stop the ninjas.


Road of Trials:

1. Jack and Annie have to follow the ninjas to the cave of the ninja master.

2. Jack and Annie have to find which direction is east so they can find their way home.

3. Jack and Annie pretend to be rocks to hide from the samurai.

Allies: Annie, Peanut, the ninjas, the ninja master

Enemies: the samurai

Supreme Ordeal: The biggest challenge in the book is when Jack has to cross a tiny branch to escape the samurai.

Ultimate Boon: Jack is given a moonstone to take back home with them by the Ninja Master.


Return Refusal: Jack does not refuse to return home. In fact, he desperately wants to return home.

Magic Flight: Jack has an easy flight home.

Rescue from Without: There isn't really a rescue from without in the book, but the tree house magically transporting Jack and Annie back home could count as a rescue from without.

Crossing Return Threshold: This is when, in the tree house, Annie points at a picture of there home and wishes to go there.

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