Change In Pressure

As you go higher and higher into the atmosphere the pressure decreases. This is because as you go higher in the atmosphere there is less gasses and oxygen.  The molecules are more spread out higher up than they are closer to the earth.

The 4 Layers

There are four layers in the atmosphere, the first layer is the Troposphere. The Troposphere is where we live, this is where weather occurs, and this layer is one of the colder layers. The second layer of the atmosphere is the Stratosphere. The ozone layer is found here, it is what protects from the sun. In this layer it is warmer. The third layer is the Mesosphere. This is the layer that protects us from meteors that could hit earth.(the layer that burns meteors before they can hit us. This layer is one of the colder layers. The fourth and final layer is the Thermosphere. The Thermosphere includes the Exosphere and the Ionosphere In this layer it gets warmer. This is also where the Northern Lights happen.

How Does The Temperature Change As You Go Higher In The Atmosphere?

As you go higher in the atmosphere it get colder in the Troposphere and then it gets warmer in the Stratosphere. Then it gets colder in the Mesosphere and then it gets warmer again in the Thermosphere it gets warmer again. It is because the Troposhpere is colder because it's molecules and closer together. Then in the Stratosphere it gets warmer because the gas 03 the ozone layer traps the heat from the sun. In the Mesosphere it gets colder because there is not gas in it. And in the Thermosphere it get warmer again because it is closer to the sun.

What Gasses Make Up The Atmosphere?

Nitrogen makes up 78% of the atmosphere. Then Oxygen makes up 21% of the earths atmosphere. Then all of the other gasses only make up 1% of the earths atmosphere.

Why Is The Atmosphere Important?

Because it protects us from the sun and it keeps us warm. Also it keeps the gasses in so that we can live. Without it we wouldn't be able to breath and we would be to hot and burn to death.

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