A Farmers Heaven

If you are a farmer or miner and you want to move, consider coming to the interior plains. The plains are filled with soil perfect for growing vast amounts of wheat. Many natural resources such as coal and gas are often found beneath the land. The land is fairly flat with barely any hills or bumps. This everlasting region continues through two main provinces,the Northwest Territories and Alberta. Especially in the interior plains, we have found random pieces of rock in the middle of the land. Did you know that these rocks had been pushed thousands of kilometers from its original resting place by glaciers many years ago?  

Since the interior plains, gets fair amount of precipitation, coniferous trees are the majority that grow. Unfortunately, since the trees don't shed their pines, the humus layer in the soil is very shallow. On the contrary, for you people who will have decided to make the better choice and move to the Interior plains, the trees around you will never be bare. The natural view will be amazing, along with the new and friendly animals you will encounter.     

The interior plains is smack dab in the middle of tug of war. North of the interior plains is too cold and south of the land has way more precipitation than in the tundra. Since the interior plains has continental climate the average precipitation is low, which by the way is good for growing wheat. The winters in the interior plains are way better than the summers, because you are able to spot more beauty in the wildlife.  

Its usually a miracle to see this during the winter.....but not in the plains!

So now that you've had the chance to see and think this through maybe you will accept the pros and move to a place that could change your view of life forever. Every step in the plains is like a whole new adventure, so why don't you take a vacation and come check the Interior Plains out! As I said before, it is a decision that can change your life positively.

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