Reflection: Learning Experiences

Challenge: Reflect on your previous learning experiences. Think about one particularly successful and one unsuccessful learning experience. Consider what were the conditions that made this experience successful or unsuccessful for you and what this tells you about your own preferred ways to learn.

Unsuccessful: I think I should start here, because unsuccessful learning, though extremely subjective in its label, usually begins and ends with me when two essential components are missing: passion and/or accountability. While I was pursuing my masters, I had to take a course on school maintenance and renovation. Immediately, my thought was, "Why would this EVER apply to me?!" I was a teacher with an eye towards administration. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe that I would be working on school maintenance or restoring facilities in the near future. After all, I had a LONG way to go before making decisions of this nature. Thus, no passion for the material. Second, the work for the course was in a written format with very little response requirement. Without any accountability for the work I was supposed to do, I simply "checked out."

Successful: I was able to participate in a program facilitated by the Powerful Learning Practice, where myself and a small group of like-minded colleagues worked together to analyze teaching styles, connected learning, and web 2.0 tools. The program was INCREDIBLY valuable to my school and directly applicable to my career. The team held each other accountable, as we could not move forward on projects until each person had complete his/her share. Plus, the content was engaging and lively, creating a passion in me to know more. This was a marvelous learning experience.

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