Genetics:the study of heredity and the variation of inherited characteristics..

Environmental:relating to the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition..

Lifestyle choices:a choice a person makes about how to live and behave, according to their attitudes, tastes, and values..

Generics cause:  Parkinson's which is a disease that genes the have not been identified

1:what is it Parkinson's? is a disease of the nervous system marked by tremor.

2:the causes of Parkinson's is? it's like a vague and slow movement, which affects older people such as the elderly..

3:How is the affected individual'S life impacted by the disease?  are the basal brain Anglo...

# Is it curable or treatable and HOW?  there no cure but there is a treatment for the symptoms,I think that may be treatable because as is characterized by an earthquake, and the imprecise movement.

environmental diseases:

1:what is it environmental diseases?
answer: Environmental diseases are allergies, birth defects, cancer, dermatitis, emphysema, infertility, heart disease, immunodeficiency also, labor and others.

2: what causes it environmental diseases?
answer: the United States and about 50 million people suffer from allergies caused by pollen them pollen sneezing, runny noses and also cry their eyes due to pollen..

3: How is the affected individual'S life impacted by the disease? answer: the lives of these people are not so affected but minimal affects them once a year because pollen then falls each year between March or April time starts falling pollen and that's where people start him with allergy diseases as itchy eyes and sneezing..

4:Is it curable or treatable and HOW?
answer: is curable because as I say that only happens every year although it is almost the whole month of March and half of April but is curable because you're with you doctors and you check and give you some medications and with that I quiet a bit more and with that you'll medicine is gradually removing and then takes away the disease..

these images are when people get itchy when t carry with doctors