Art & Architecture In The 1930's

By Jacob Embacher
5th hour

Art in the 1930's was very important because it was a form of entertainment that allowed people to forget all the bad that was going on during the great depression. There was many other types of art that were enjoyed that were also inexpensive. With sound came movies which became popular. Comedies and musicals helped people forget their troubles. Art brought laughter and joy to many which I feel was important during the hard years of the great depression.

There is a huge difference in the architecture and types of buildings made and lived in during the 1930's. The 5 most common Buildings/Houses were Tudorbethan, Art Deco, Art Moderne, and Hoovervilles. Tudorbethan  were the typical houses. They were mainly made of brick and pebbledash with many windows, bright colored rooms and has a porch. these houses are also usually in close clusters. An Art Deco is a large fancy building with jewelry and chandeliers. Some examples are the Empire State building an the Chrysler building if you have ever seen them or heard of them. The Art Moderne buildings were not houses. These were large commercial buildings such as institutes or skyscrapers. The last and most famous type of home during the great depression were Hoovervilles. These homes were small huts made of cardboard.