If you're living in the Southern Colonie                    Region You'll be Cheesin!

Colonies in the Southern Region

~Maryland    ~Virginia    ~North Carolina

~South Carolina   ~Georgia

Wonderful Weather

The southern Colonies has great weather! We're the warmest of them all! Our warm and mosit weather makes it possible to grow cash crops throughout the whole year! The land here is also flat and the soil is rich, which is even better for crops!

Awesome Agriculture

Here in the Southern Colonies, were an ideal place for agriculture. The tidewater leaves minerals on the tideland, which makes the soil fertile. Don't have a car? Of course not they're not invented! Thats ok because here in the Southern Colonies we have broad rivers that are an excellent source of transportation!


Farming is a main part of our industry, we have plantations that grow cash crops(tobacco,rice,indigo). All though it may be hard work sometimes farming you'll always be with your family on your planatation!