Chapter 3


Software: Programs that runs on a computer.There are many different types of software for example : word processor,publisher,web browsers.

Advantages of software are that they have many useful purposes for example a anti-virus software detect viruses and remove them.another advantage of software is that there are many different types with many useful purposes that give the user a lot of freedom .

Disadvantages of software: not all software's free and this is a financial problem for people that want that specific software but don't want to pay a large amount.system software: Software designed specifically for the the designed to operate and control the computers hardware.system software consist of operating systems,device drivers, utilities and interfaces.

writing software : Developers use writing software's to create applications they use writing software to create and edit a source code of an application so that the application can work.

key terms

Algorithm: A series of steps used to solve a problem.

Instructions: A set of steps that a processor recognizes and acts upon.

software: a program with the the purpose of carrying out a task.

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