Wow just wow I thought I was the only one here. Oh wait, I am.

20 Reasons Why you should never buy a pet deer- seriously unless you are a zoo keeper

So this what I was told when I had an obsession with deer when I was a kid and wanted one really bad.

  1. They will eat the couch
  2. They will eat your hair
  3. They will eat the cat's dirty litter
  4. They can break the walls
  5. They can carry diseases
  6. People will think you are weird
  7. It can't sleep in your bed
  8. It will be lonely
  9. It will break the windows
  10. It will leave mud everywhere in the house
  11. You can't fit it in the tub to clean it
  12. It will scratch the wood
  13. It might kill you
  14. You might never leave home since you love it too much
  15. We don't have deer insurance
  16. How are we going to fit it into the car
  17. When do have time to take it to the vet
  18. It will knock down things
  19. It will break your toys
  20. Finally it make the neighbors call the police

Yet still being the stubborn kid I was, I begged them until I got one. Well, sort of, it was a stuffed deer.