Conflict in Kenya

By: Camille Daszynski

Kenyan forces obtain acess to military armament, igniting fear in the growing tensions at the Kenya-Somalia border

What's The Issue?

  • March 30, 2015: Kenyan military launches airstrike against Somalia
  • Airstrike = act of retaliation for the terror attack that Somalia launched the week before on Garissa University College
  • Opponents: Kenyan Military vs. Somali Terrorist Group, Al-Shabab (numerous civilians are also taking part or being innocently killed)
  • Bombings are a result of the tension between the Kenyan military and the Al-Shabab, a militaristic group in Somalia that supposedly has ties to Al-Qaeda
Political cartoon which perfectly embodies the sentiments that Kenyans have toward Al-Shabab and Somalia as a whole

Did You Know?

  • Cause: The roots of the tension date back to the first days of independence in the 1960's when the newly established borders between Kenya and Somalia as granted by Britain were ill-formed (Northern Fronteir District)
  • These make-shift borders forced peoples of different cultures and customs to live alongside one another and to be politically ruled (to the other's dismay)
  • Turning point 2011—Operation Linda Nchi, "Protect the Nation": Kenya invades Somalia by land
  • Involvement: No outside countries have militaristic or economic ties in the conflict
  • Neighboring peoples of Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Uganda live in fear of expanding tensions and full-blown warfare
  • United States is maintaining a close eye, especially because Al-Quaeda is said to have ties with Al-Shabab
Kenyan protestors support the armament of the youth in order to instill fear in the Somalian soldiers

Important Information

  • Tactics: Terrorist attacks, air strikes, land invasions/threats at the border, arguments on the street, violent protests, peaceful protests, massacres, home invasions
  • Violence has been the predominant form of retaliation, with few attempts to restore relations peacefully
  • Kenya's Main Goal: kill Mohamed Mohamed, the man behind the Garissa University College attack and the leader of the Al-Shabab
  • How To Solve the Problem? : Political leaders need to have a meeting, restructure the border, and develop respect and admiration for unique cultures of the land
  • At this point in time, there are very few attempts to appease the conflict non-violently
  • My Own Opinion: Not a Just War (not a just cause, no legitimate authority, mal-intentions, there are other options to pursure, no certainity of "success", innocents die each day, will not bring anything "good," killing is unjustified)
  • Peaceful protests against the use of weaponry can work to solve this conflict; I firmly believe that Kenya-Somalia relations could be restored within the next few months if people on both sides take initiative and let their voices be heard
The terror is most serious alongside the Kenya-Somalia border, but fear is felt throughout all surrounding countries

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