Teen suicide

Abigail Holm

Did you know more kids die from suicides than from cancer. Everyday there is at least 5,400 attempts at suicide in our nation. And FOUR out of five kids who have attempted suicide have given clear warning signs! Doesn't these statistics make you mad, or touch your heart in a different way? Don't we need to find solutions to these problems rather that be to investigate or to listen? Schools, families, and social group workers are understandings that message. New programs are offered to kids and their families to help deal with any depression at home, and children who have seen or experienced the temptation of suicide are finding their voice to speak up.

In the end I think it is not deciding to end your life, but having the chance to live in the first place. God made us a living, breathing creature to help our world and ourselves grow. All the pain and sadness in our lives are later reversed with love and happiness. It is not just a enjoyment to live but a responsibility too. Everyday people are taking action to help others start their life, not end it. BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!!!




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