By: Hannah Sanders
Hr. 7

At this moment in time Russia has 142,201,067 people in its country. Their population has remained high since 1970.

Their net amount of migrants is 220,000, and their fertility rate is 1.53. The urban population includes 105,883,009 of their total amount. Their rank in the global population is 9.

At the moment, Russia is having an increase in the amount of births they have. Because there are so many people, the fact that they are continuing to have large amounts of births could mean a strain on the Russian economy. This will cause the economy to shrink, forcing Russia into a perilous state of affairs. A possible concern is that the increase in the working age will cause for less jobs and a higher unemployment rate.

Possible solutions to these problems could mean decreasing the fertility rates, though that would depend on how many children are born per household and the plans to decrease the fertility rate. To preserve money, Russia could limit the amount of money given in welfare or taking some funding from certain parts of the government such as the Ministry of Interior (from the picture below), but that would also depend how much the government uses each system. Since there's a large possibility for twins, the government could limit how many children a family could have to two children. If there happens to be more born at one time, instead of giving the child away, they could allow for friends of the parents or family of the parents to become the guardian if they don't have any children or two children. They might also implement a plan where, if there are more than two children, the oldest will have to take up a job that's not physically demanding, like being an apprentice for a tailor or another business.

The increase in people would mean less given to the people of Russia, therefore an even larger decrease to those countries that trade with Russia. The United States would lose that trade, and also the fact that the Russian government is having to deal with the growth and all its other matters, it might put a strain on Russian and U.S. relations due to stress or lack of ability to produce, give, or trade things of value.

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