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China is a vast country with much to offer to the travelers through such services like Marco Polo tours that take away the pain from the journey. As the travel agents help with all the hotel arrangements and even flight bookings, you and your family can now concentrate completely on discovery. Your options are too many to count and since as a regular tourist you cannot remain in the country for unlimited period it is important to plan your itinerary carefully. First-time travelers can easily take the services of their travel company to get on with the planning and the main locations to visit.

Some of the main attractions renowned the world over which must find a place in your tour schedule are the following.

Great Wall

Being one among the Seven Wonders of the World, you cannot even think of completing a successful tour without visiting this place. An iconic symbol in all regards this is going to be an awe-inspiring sight, the memories of which you will keep with you until the day you die. The marvels of this defensive architecture created so many years ago seem like one of the most difficult feats for the humankind. Naturally, it is surely a part of every tour itinerary developed by Marco Polo travel.

Forbidden City

Once the palace city in Beijing, it still seems like an extravagant sight complete with the marvels of Chinese architectural techniques. The structure is complete with golden roof and 8000+ rooms boasting of elegant designs and yellow, red paint. Imperial Palace related to Qing and Ming dynasties it was held by them for approximately 560 years at a stretch right until 1911. Around 24 emperors have lived here successively and their excesses are still available for display at the in-house museum.

Terracotta Army

You may have seen them numerous times in movies and on any tour or travel program that relates to China. It is amazing to think that such a massive array of terracotta figures remained below the soil for 2000 years before being unearthed and presented for public display. Farmers digging a well in 1974 came across these figurines and since then they have remained a staple for visiting dignitaries and common tourists from all over the world. So you should also make it a point to come here when travelling with Marco Polo in China.

Yellow Mountains

Known for the beauties and bounties of nature it is the place to come for the lovers of greenery and natural splendor. Situated close to Hangzhou and Shanghai this scenic area makes the traveler come here and fall in love with it completely. This area also houses what is among the best 3 national parks in the country. Extremely busy and popular, tourists love it simply because it is quite easy to access and explore at their leisure.

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