Elements and Principal Design

This picture shows POINTS.

This image portraits LINES of a heartbeat.

This flower has vibrant COLOR which attracts the eye

In a drawing VALUE is shown by lights and darks giving the illusion of depth and dimension.

This picture represents the element SHAPE.

This drawing of a pepper shows the element FORM.

This picture represent the element SPACE.

TEXTURE in a drawing is the illusion of the way something feels without ever touching it.

BALANCE is the appearance of visual weight. A fashion designer must create balance in a there clothing in order for it to be visually appealing.

In this picture the first thing you see is the green eye of this cat, because the bright color against the black and white attracted your eye. This is called EMPHASIS.

In this picture you see a CONTRAST between light and dark.

This picture shows rhythm.

PROPORTION in drawing is making sure that all each element in your drawing is the right size, height, weight, or depth that is needed to fit the canvas.

This picture shows UNITY among the world.

This is picture is showing ECP

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