2nd Period:  Alexis B, Daija S, David W, Doneisha W

Parkside In The Evening

This is a photo of an apartment complex on Parkside and Huron. Not all African American communities have “torn up” house and apartments. This is also a quiet neighborhood.

Land Of The Living

This picture was taken on the west side of Chicago. In the picture you see , a poster, and an complex building. Looking at this picture tells you that in Chicago many homes are becoming abandoned more and more each day but its schools, businesses, and other important things.

The Lost

This show the a banded building on the west side of Chicago. After a building is a banded, a lot of homeless people use it to sleep there. They also make it into a drug house where they sell drugs there.

Street Walkers

In this picture it’s a mixture of genders male and female. They were holding a conversation about who has a swisher. The guy was walking away. This picture also happened on the South Side of Chicago at 6:16 p.m. The reason why I took this picture because I'm showing what some of the conversations are about.


In this picture are two females and one male , they are horsing around. This is on Washington  on the corner. At 10:33 p.m. I didn't have the flash on at the time I took this with my cellphone.

Each One, Teach One (Mr.Johnson's Class)

Junior students of Al Raby are attending Mr. Johnson’s online learning class. Mr. Johnson is giving us a lesson right now in room 221. At 8:05. Most of the time Mr. Johnson is up and telling us and helping us with our assignments. Some students still have their book bag and hoodie on because they are probably still on sleep mode. The reason why I took this photo because I am showing that some teachers do teach just trying to show evidence.


In this picture there are two police men and a male or female. I think that they were doing something wrong or they were a victim of something. At 5:57 p.m. It happened on the South Side of Chicago at Nick’s Gyros. The reason why I took this picture because a lot of people get in trouble by the police every day and the main race that gets pulled over are African Americans in Chicago, IL.

Walking To Al Raby High School

David and Doneisha are walking to Al Raby  High School. On the West Side on Fulton Street. At 7:38 a.m. I took this photo with my cellphone. We stopped by Dunkin Donuts that morning. The reason why I took this photo is to get the audience to feel what we go through in the morning. We get to school on time while other people come late.

Trash Of The Westside

The empty lot on Madison is being use as a trash can. As the lot gets full with the trash, the city does nothing  to help keep it clean. This is destroying the city of Chicago every day


The students of Al Raby getting ready to go back into the school after having to come out side to do a project for physics this afternoon.

Police In Chicago

Chicago police in the west side community making sure that it’s safe in the morning time. Every day we see them out here because of the drugs dealers that we see during, before, and after school.

Family Time

Family is important in life. Without family a lot of people would go down the wrong road in life. Like your mom, brother, father. You also have little nieces and nephews that look up to you that hope you make them proud.

Daddy's Girl

This picture was taken in a hospital in Lansing Illinois. In this picture you see a African American male with a white hospital gown and an African American female with a white and poke dotted button down shirt on. My pops is laying into the hospital bed with a jug of water lying next to him. This picture tells you that no matter what happens we are with each other every step of the way.

The Hard Knock Life

This is an abandoned apartment building on the South Side of Chicago . The apartment building is right next to a Chicago Public Library also . It has been vandalized because it hasn't been properly taken care of and the landlord couldn't keep up with the pay. I took this photo in the morning with my cellphone.


This picture was taken in a house located in Lansing Illinois. In the picture you see a baby with a black shirt on and a young adult with a navy blue shirt on. They are African Americans. It tells you family comes first without any question.

Road To Everywhere

This picture is taken on the Cicero and lake train. Behind the train is a construction site. On the train it contains Caucasians, African Americans, and Asians with modern day clothes on. Women are carrying bags and texting on cell phones. Men are wearing glasses, listening to music, and children have on back packs. 73% white, 23% black, and 4% Asian. This tells you over the time Caucasians have been using more public transportation than African American.

Young Black Father

This  was taken on Madison and Pulaski on the West Side of Chicago. This is a photo of a young, black man carrying his child which we don’t see much in an African American community.

Busy Streets Of Central

This photo was taken on the streets of Madison and Central on the Westside of Chicago with Leamington grocery store and a Laundromat in the background. This street is always busy Monday through Friday around the evening time , 5:00 PM.

Abandoned Phone Store

This photo was taken on the streets of Madison and Pulaski on the West Side of Chicago. This is an abandoned phone store which was closed down for years and the building was never bought just because it was on Madison, which is a “rough” area.

Black Streets

In this picture was taken on Madison and Pulaski. Where in the background you see a white castle, nail shop, and other resources we have. There are African American men in this picture with white shirts and blue jean pants. This picture shows you that we have a lot of resources but in a bad area.


Friends are people who help make a path for you in life. In life family is not all you have, you have friends that help you make it through life. Friends can also have a positive influence on you.  

Wall Of Emptiness

This picture was taken on Madison and Pulaski on the west side of Chicago. Behind the wall is a currency exchange. In this picture there is a flyer and advertisements on the wall. This shows there isn’t much going on, on the west side of Chicago.


This photo is taken in Al Raby's exercise room located on the 2nd floor. This photo is of Alexis Baker & Tamia Ready. This is showing that not all black people hold grudges against the people they're close to whenever they disagree with something.

Beautiful Beach Scenery

This beautiful scene is taken at North Avenue Beach in Chicago, Illinois, Downtown. Many Chicago visitors and citizens love to ride the train or bus downtown to enjoy the lovely sunset during the evening around 6 or 7 P.m.

Theme for Mr. G

By : Doneisha White

Growing up with Christ

Living a sin



Being seventeen and alive

Born in the land of the living

But soon dying is a fantasy



Chicago bound

Love lost

Hate found

Discrimination by royalty

Broken Down

We are one in many ways

White or black

We are all a part of something

But still I am




I refuse!!

Alexis's Theme For Mr.G !

I am a senior at Al Raby High School. I was born on August 21st on the Westside of Chicago. I’m a very shy and quiet person, but also likes to speak my mind. I like to describe myself as outgoing, shy, a child of God, pretty and fashionable. I have always been a good student, not troubled at all throughout home and school. I feel that I will have a great future ahead of me and have so much to show the world. My mother always made sure we lived in a safe environment on Chicago's "Violent" Westide , but Chicago is not how other's think. It’s more to Chicago than the negatively you see on the news.


By : Daija Smoot

        I was born in California , I  was born as a Navy Brat . The term Navy Brat is like when your father or mother is in the military and you move from state to state. I started to have seizures at the age of three. The last one I had was in 5th grade. I am a social person with certain people and also blunt when needed. I've been to 10 states and want to travel more. Kinda have a bad temper, but it's changing as I get older. I love to lift weights the max I benched was 155 lbs and the highest for dead lift was 300 lbs. I won a medal in 3rd place in track for the big girl race at Thornidge High School. The sports that I've played in high school was basketball and shot put. I pray every morning and I thank God for another day of life. I feel that the world is not changing for the better it's getting worse.

Theme For MR.G

Growing up in Chicago get harder and harder everyday. Growing up where there are teens dying for no reason. Poverty having a bad affect on the world that we have. Most kids has to grow up to fast at a young age. Everybody have goals  at a young age, but not everybody goals is achievable in life.