Never Give UP!

In the poem, Mother to Son- By: LANGSTON HUGHES- The mother is telling her son about how hard life can be, but you have to stay strong and move on.

The mother states Her life has been like splinters, tacks and floors that are bare. Those figures of speech represent the hardships in her life.

The mother states “Life ain’t been no crystal stair” The mother uses this phrase to symbolize that her life was not easy or fair

Towards the end of the poem the speaker’s tone changes as tells her son that there is still hope for a better life. A mother is explaining to her son about how she may have had a rough life and she had hard times. At the same time she wants her son to know that he can have a better life than she did and that times may get hard but you can make it. So no matter what you may be going through you can and will make it. Especially with the grace of God!

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