The reason why I called my website crashes it's because I want people to see what computer viruses can do to their device.I chose this picture because it represent what can happen with a device.I'm going to give you five important tips on how to protect your computer sources.

Five tips:

If there is a pop up as in like an add don't click it because it can give your device a virus.

When you send e-mails through your computer or other devices it can send a virus to the people you are e-mailing.

If you get music from your app store like music paradise you are pretty much sharing your music with other people.

Also when you are printing things from your hard drive from someone else's computer you give can give them a virus as well.

when you leave your computer unlock from your e-mail someone can hake into it and mess up all of your e-mails.

There can be a lot more to discover about computer viruses.

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