Industrial Revolution

It’s a move from the home to the factory  from people to  the country to the city ,  power to engines powered by coal and oil.

How it started

The Industrial Revolution first started in Great Britain then it went to  United States in the 19th century. It was first created to raise people's standard of living.

The Conditions

The Industrial Middle Class:

  • Entrepreneurs benefited most from the Industrial Revolution because they started many businesses.
  • Middle class families lived in well-furnished spacious homes on paved streets. Few people had sympathy for the poor.
  • Middle class women focused on caring for children while men worked.

Industrial Working Class:

  • Poor struggled to survive and lived in smelly tenements, or small apartments.
  • The poor had no running water, but a community pump.
  • No sewage or sanitation systems, waste and garbage rotted in the streets.
  • Sewage was dumped into rivers, creating an overwhelming stench and contaminated drinking water. Led to diseases like cholera.


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