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Taylor Mills 2 years ago

Monday Tuesday dinner

Hope Porter (+2) 2 years ago

Will attend Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday for the camp out. Count us in for meals for 3 and the Canyon Grill just Donny and I will attend.

Team Mullaney (+3) 2 years ago

We can't wait! Count us 4 for Sunday.We are headed to Texas after that for a family wedding. Disregard other RSVP on this list!

Kelli Davis 2 years ago

Davis (4) for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Fun and sun!!

Joy Harris Allen (+5) 2 years ago

There are 6 Allens planning on participating & eating Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Looking forward to the adventures & memories to be made!❤️

Kim Graves 2 years ago

Count me in Monday and Thursday nights for dinner and lunch on Tuesday.

Joanna Johnson (+3) 2 years ago

We will also be eating lunch on Tuesday and dinner Wednesday night!

Mandy Johnson (+4) 2 years ago
Tallent (+3) 2 years ago

Count us in for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday dinners.

Karen Kisor (+1) 2 years ago

It is going to be a great week! We will be there for every meal.

KTURNER17 (+3) 2 years ago

Turners are in for all night meals :).

Edwards (+3) 2 years ago

Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed. 4 Edwards Thurs. 2 Edwards

Kevin Green (+3) 2 years ago

They greens will be unable to attend Thursday.

Team Mullaney (+3) 2 years ago

Mullaneys will be there Monday and Tuesday night for dinner (not Sunday) Can't wait!

joanna Johnson (+3) 2 years ago

Super fun! We will be eating Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night!!

Jay Howell 2 years ago
Andrea (+2) 2 years ago

We will be there Monday and Tuesday for dinner. Looking forward to it!

Selena Jo 2 years ago

4 sunday night. 2 Monday night. 2 Tuesday 2 Wednesday 2 Thursday 4 Friday KaBoom

Scott and Kerry (+1) 2 years ago
Julie Graves (+3) Organizer

All four in my fam will be eating each night; however it will only be me and Jake for the Canyon Grill on Thursday.

Katharine Johnson (+4) 2 years ago

This is going to be an AWESOME week, and we will be eating all 4 nights!

Jana Mobley Chesnut (+3) 2 years ago

We will be at all 4 dinners. Chesnuts can't wait!

FYI....STAYCATION 2015 IS BYOB throughout! Always have the cooler of your choice stocked with the beverages of your choice cause it's gonna be a hot one!

Staycation 2015 dates are Sunday, July 5th through Friday, July 10th.  Before RSVPing, this is what you need to know:

1. You and your family do not have to attend every activity but are invited to attend everything.  Check out the itinerary and jump in when you can!

2. Although you do not have to make every activity we MUST know if you will be eating DINNER on SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and/or THURSDAY night.  We also need to know if you will be eating LUNCH on TUESDAY.  Just comment at the end of this presentation and let us know what meals and how many people will be eating in your group.  All other meals are fend for you and yours.

3. Julie, Joanna, or Katherine will be contacting you personally to let you know what you need you to do to help with dinner one night.

7/5 Little River Sunday

We will be leaving from the cabin for Little River around 2ish.  We will travel by water so bring your vessel (ski boat, jet ski, pontoon) if you have one. If not, we will have plenty of room for everyone.  Plans are to stop at Daniel's Cave and do a little spelunking, then swimming and spear fishing in the river.  Jamie and Veronica Tallent will be grilling hamburgers and hotdogs at their house for dinner.  They will provide the burgers and dogs but bring your favorite side to share.  After dinner, plans are to go stripe fishing. If you're not into fishing, you may want to bring a good book, a paddle board, a snorkle, or an eno.

This is Jamie T chillin' on the river (stolen from his fb) and it could be you!

7/6 Yellow Creek Monday

Yellow Creek Falls

We are going to leave from the cabin for Yellow Creek around 10ish.  Plans are to hike back to the falls, swim, jump from the rocks, and/or just hang out.  Bring your own picnic lunch.  We will not be in a rush to leave but anticipate returning around 2ish.  The afternoon will be free to play on the lake, take a nap, paddle board, or just whatever. Dinner tonight will be at the cabin and fish tacos are on the menu.  After dinner activities include jug fishing and/or eating smores by the fire.

7/7  Lakin' it Sunrise to Sunset Tuesday

Today you have from sunrise to sunset to try something new on Weiss Lake.  All early morning risers meet at 5:30 am on Marc & Katherine's pier for sippin' coffee, watchin' the sunrise, and discussing once again why this staycation is so awesome! Marc and Katherine will be serving breakfast around 7ish.   It is then time to play on the lake and start learning new skills!  We will venture over to Betty Jo's for lunch around 12ish.  Selena has several educational opportunities planned for us like "knot tying 101" and a tour of Cornwall Furnace.  Again it's lake time, maybe now would be a good time for building a Cypress Gardens style pyramid.  Who knows what the afternoon will bring?  As we watch the sunset, everyone will get an opportunity to share what they learned or tried new today on Weiss Lake.  We will end the night with dinner at Blake and Joanna's house.

Cornwall Furnace

7/8 Floatin' Terrapin Creek Wednesday

Today we will meet at No Worries Kayak Rentals (7001 AL Highway 9 South Piedmont, AL) at 9am. Visit the website below for instructions on renting a kayak from "No Worries." You can also bring your own kayak if you have one or can borrow one.  The trip will take approximately 4-5 hours so bring a cooler and snacks. After relaxing and recuperating from the creek, we will meet back for dinner at Marc & Katherine's house around 5ish. It is then movie night at the 411 drive in.  Click the link below closer to staycation week to see what is showing.

7/9 Little River Canyon Thursday

Little Rock City aka Cherokee Rock Village
Little River Falls

YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS DAY!!  We are getting an early start and leaving from Fairview Church at 8am.  The first stop is Little Rock City to explore, rock climb, and take some awesome photos.  After that, we will visit Orbix Hot Glass and tour their hot shop and gallery.  The Mill Hole, a swimming hole, is located less than a mile away and we must check it out.  We will then spend most of the afternoon at Little River Mouth Park hiking, swimming, fishing, snorkeling, and just hanging out (a great place for spike ball or a wiffle ball game).  The park has charcoal grills so bring your own lunch to grill or pack a sandwich.  After lunch and possibly a nap, we will make a stop at Little River Falls.  You want to bring a change of clothes because we will then "freshen up" and go to dinner at the Canyon Grill.  Canyon Grill is BYOB.  Check out the sites below to learn more information about orbix and the canyon grill.

7/10 Camp out Friday

The staycation finale will be camping out at Danny & Jana's lot on the river in Gaylesville (see map below for address).  We will meet there around 1ish.  Make sure you bring whatever is necessary to give you the most comfortable camping experience possible.  Your materials may be as simple as an eno, a bag of funyuns, and a cooler of beer or as complex as a tent, air mattress, and sushi and wine.  In other words bring your own camping materials.  

Danny and Jana's lot on the river in Gaylesville

Excited yet?  It's gonna be awesome!  We are gonna make some great memories and enjoy the backyard beauty of Cherokee County.  

Please RSVP about the dinners by July 1st.  Those in charge of food will need to get prepared and reservations at Canyon Grill will have to be made.  Thanks!!

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2 years ago

Chesnuts can't wait!!

2 years ago

We will be there for dinner each of the nights.

2 years ago

Fun! Poor little Bailey is going to have to do some major daycare during Staycation!

2 years ago

Sounds super fun! Count the Johnsons in for dinner Monday and Tuesday night!

2 years ago

Turners are in for Monday-Thursday night meals.

2 years ago

Jonna & kids all nights, no B Monday night or all day Tuesday!

2 years ago

We plan to be at all dinners. There will be 5 of us each night and maybe 6 Sunday. Sounds like a great week! Can't wait!!!

2 years ago

I plan to be at Mon and Tues. night dinners.

2 years ago

Joy Allen : ok I think I have RSVPd but in case I haven't..... Allen family party of 6 for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday. ❤️

2 years ago

Count us in for Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday... Unsure about Wednesday due to my dad having a knee replacement. We can't wait!!!!! 😊