Tension In Libya

The opponents of the war in Libya are rival militias trying to gain power in the Libyan
government. However, these militias are also being used by terrorist groups. There are currently two main government groups, one in the city of Tripoli, and one in the east who are both trying to take full control over the government. These conflicts have been occurring since 2011, after the death of dictator Muammar Gaddafi. But, at the heart of the war is the fight between Islamists and nationalists. Egypt is a country that is concerned with the civil war in Libya. They have launched air strikes to put down conflicts near their border, so that the conflict will not fall into their borders. The Islamists who have taken over Tripoli are starting their government from the ground up, "Their self-proclaimed “prime minister” is a former Islamist guerrilla fighter and the militias seem determined to meet any opposition with force," (Stephen).

Three main problems:
1) Noncombatant immunity
2) Right Intention
3) Proportionality

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