Hi i’m Izzy I am 11 years old, my birthday is February 13. I am smart, funny, and stylish. I live in the woods right next to a swamp, where I like to hang out a lot.                            This is me! Isabel F. Litvak!!

My Family     

Most people think I’m an only child, but that’s not true. I have one sister named Kaitlin. My mom is a science professor and scientist. My dad was a physics major but now is a computer scientist.                          

This is Kaitlin she is weird.

My interests

I like singing, acting,and dancing, but I’m not that good at dancing. I like to write and read also,I write in my journal a lot about pretty much everything. I like football and soccer but I don’t play sports too much. I also love to listen to music.

Fun memories

Um well one time we went to California, and we went swimming. We jumped off small cliffs into the water. It was pretty fun, but we got lost on the way there.

My best friends

I have a few best friends, Gwen, Lizzy, and Emilie. We do lots of stuff together, like hang out, and go to each other’s houses. Lizzy loves horses, Gwen is loud and loves birds, and Emilie moved up from 4th grade, she is really smart.

My pets

I have 4 pets, 2 cats named Angel and Grey Cloud,and 2 guinea pigs named Yoshi and Simba. I pretty much do everything for them. I feed them, clean them, clean after them (ahem), and play with them.

My Future Goals

I am going to live in a big New York penthouse, write a bestselling book, win the Oscars, become super famous on Hollywood, win the Nobel prize,and make sure that anyone who was ever mean to me ends up scraping for food and shelter. I will not get married because a husband will get in the way of my job. I might adopt a few kids though.

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