Indira Gandhi

Date: October 31

Location: New Delhi, India

Time: 1984


Was murdered by her own body guards in her own garden by her house

She was known as a Indian Prime Minister

Was the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru

Gandhi was elected president of Indian National Congress in 1960

She married Feroze Gandhi

Places she associated with:Swiss schools & Somerville College,Visva-Bharati University, West Bengal in Oxford.

About Assassination-

When: October 31, 1984

Where:In India

How:The assassination sparked four days of riots that left more than 8,000 Indian Sikhs dead in revenge attacks.

Killing affected history because during the assassination

Name of Assassin:Indira Gandhi Assassination

Her fate:She lost her son

5 facts about assassin:

Warnings of the death of Gandhi's death came around fast and people of India heard about it.

Gandhi was cremated on November 3 after her death

Alone or conspiracy? She was alone, she didn't know she was going to be murdered. But her body guards were a conspiracy though, because of them planning to kill her.



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