Come to the warm and welcoming Wales

Emma Good

Where to stay?

There are many places to stay in Wales. You can decided between many depending on what you are going there for. If you would like a romantic get away you can go to The Romantic Village, or if you want to go somewhere unusual you can go to Glamping Hideaway in the Hills. There are many vacation spots to choose from.

The Romantic Village

Where to eat?

If you're looking for a warm, welcoming, not too fancy place to eat you can go to Penceunant Isaf Tea Room. You can sit by the warm fire while sipping on your drinks and eat whatever you please. If you're looking for something a little more fancy, you can go to the Harbourfront Bistro. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  

Penceunant Isaf Tea Rooms

What to see and do!

If you're more into family activities, there is plenty to do. You can go bike riding for the UK cycling holiday, you can go on a fishing trip, you can go golfing, you can go horse riding, you can go rock and rope climbing at Kings of the Swingers, you can take a hike on Wales Coast Path, and much, much more! But if you're wanting to go on a more romantic route they have plenty of that too.

You can also go see attractions. You can go visit some beaches like North Wales Seaside town, you can go see some castles or trains, you can go see some gardens like the Colby Woodland Garden. Go see some museums like the National Museum of Art in Cardiff! But these are only a few things out of the hundreds of thing you can do here. Find more here:

North Wales Seaside Town

Where to dine?

If you're looking for something that will give you a 3-course meal, or just a light snack, you can go to JK's Club and Restaurant! Looking for something a little more different? Go to Madeira where they serve Portuguese food, all day, everyday. If you're looking for somewhere just to relax and visit with friends go to The Mermaid Cafe Bar and Restaurant. Find more places here:

The Mermaid Cafe Bar and Resuraunt

Where to shop?

There are only a few major shopping places in Wales. But they will give you the things you need! You can visit the capital of Wale, Cardiff, and it is full of unusual stuff. They have a store just for violins, which is right next to the surf shop. They also have a Welsh Cheese Shop! Do you prefer markets? Stop by Abergavenny. They have a craft market, am antique market, a farmers one, and of course a retail one! Bews-y-Coed offers all the stuff you need for your outdoor activities.

Cardiff Shopping Centre

What are some other reasons you should visit Wales? Watch the video to find out!

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