West's Drought Leads to Rising Prices, Shrinking Lakes

By Robin Robinson

Folsom Lake before and after the drought.

California is currently having it's worst drought in a century. All of the bodies of water that act as reservoirs are less than half full. Most of the residents' wells are dried up or less than a quarter full. In mid-July of , California officials approved statewide emergency water restrictions.The state spends more than $500,000 to provide water to all residents. Farmers and companies have drilled for more underground springs than 20 years combined. All food stocks, such as beef, butter, and eggs, have increased in price or reached their record high in prices. The fast food chains Chipotle and In-N-Out Burger have already raised prices, partly blaming the drought. Some cities have restricted residential water use, shut off public fountains and even let the grass in parks die. California has lost a great amount of tourists and business because of this drought. Some say the drought caused a mudslide in Northern California.

Rights and Liberty

Rights- All residents of California had the right to receive water from the state because their wells and the state reservoirs are nearly dried up, and humans cannot live with out water. Having water is everyone's right to have as a person. Also, since companies and farmers could not get water for their plants and animals, they were able to try drilling out underground springs.

Liberty- The state of California did not try to stop the hundreds of companies trying to get water by drilling for underground springs.

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