My name is Oliver King. I am 17 years old. I'm the union. I live in New York. The year is 1862. I have a brother named Blaze, but everyone I the Union calls him Blazer. They call him Blazer because he rarely misses a target.  

March 5, 1862,

The wind is blowing, and the sun is shining high in the sky. I don't know why slept in so late today. I usually get up around 6:30, but today I got up around 7:30. Great just great. I've had a late start. Now I'm going to behind. I have to go the animals, clean the house, cook, help care for the little ones that have no one anymore. I just have so much to do.

Around 1 I go and care for the little ones that don't have any parents anymore. Most of the time you would see a little one wondering around outside. So one day I got the idea to fix up one of the old houses that are no longer in uses. Me can so other women that had nothing really to do, all of us got together and started to take care of the uncared.


March 6, 1862

I miss you mush my dear brother. I wish you were here. I hope you are doing well. We just got some news about the battle, but we didn't hear much about it though. I really hope you are doing well. Well the care home is doing well. We took in another child. She is about 8, but we don't really know. Her name is Bella. She is the most pretties girl I have ever seen. She says her father is in the Union. Could you maybe ask around and see what has happen to him, his name is Edward Novels. I can't wait till you get back. I have missed you so dear my brother. I saw today in the paper that the battle of the Monitor and Merrimack is still going on. Do you know anything about it. The paper didn't say much. Well I must be going. Please write back soon, I do miss all the things we talked about. I miss you dear my brother. With all my love your dear sister.


March 7, 1862

As the war goes one it feels like the days are getting longer. We hear little now days, and people are starting to give up. People now days have little hope. What is life with out hope? I still have hope. I believe that one day all this blood shed will end, and we will be whole again. I have been working a nurse. I like to help  the men that are fighting those who can't. I wake around 5:30. I make food for the sick men. I make sure everyone is okay, and sometimes I get to help with surgery.

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