Lakota People's Law Project

Rylee Bennett & Morgan Joyner

There's a sad problem. Children are being taken away from their families for no legal reason.

hildren have been taken away from their families since 2005. In 2008 a Dakota Indian was waiting for her grand-child to get off the bus at the bus stop. Earlier that day a social worker had taken the women’s grandchildren to a white foster facility.

-”Rumor that Janice, the grandmother, daughter was doing drugs, she hadn’t. She made the tribal council threaten the state with kidnapping the kids and a few weeks later the children were returned for a trial basis.

Legal Issues

Legally the children are being taken away without the parents being there and the parents are not sent through a proper trial to receive their kids back. They have removed 5,000 children from their homes at that rate there could not be any proper investigation or real reason found for taking all those children

Those Involved Tampering the Truth

Social services using terms such as sexual abuse and neglect in situations that are not happening. The people may be in poverty but are taking care of their kids which therefore is not neglect. Also there was reports of officers who were fired for witness tampering.

The Petition

Lakota People’s Law Project is launching the campaign with a petition. President Obama wants to authorize the grants needed to start tribal foster care programs, and put us within sight of bringing the children home.


  • Sign the petition
    • Make a google doc to collect names of people who are to sign petition and collect 200 signatures.
    • 1) Tell people about the petition
    • 2)Have them sign petition or give permission to have us sign in their honor.
    • 3) Record names on Google Drive
  • Sign the petition at linked on the right-hand side of the webpage.

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