RRJL is in business! - Rob

RRJL is now live! Our group is a micro-funding group that wants to do a raffle. My name is Rob, and I am part of RRJL. In math, we are learning about micro finance and our teacher, Ms. Goggin wanted us to create a business and raise funds from the community at Town. This project will simulate how Kiva works. Kiva is a lending platform where you can donate as high as 500 USD to an individual. RRJL is my group's company name. It stands for Rob, Roman, Jackson, Liam. These are my group members.

Today we just got fully funded, and I feel amazed. I was great problem solver during the process because I was planning ahead if our group didn't get funded. I made a list of what we could do if we didn't get funded.


I am proud of my group because we have been doing great in our raffle sales and we are working together well as a team. It is an accomplishment because at the start, our team didn't work well together and we would get into arguments. After a couple of weeks, we noticed that we had similar ideas and understood each other better.

We decided to raffle two items: an Amazon Echo Dot and an Amazon Gift Card. We've sold 65 tickets through various sales and have made enough profit to pay back our lenders. Since we have enough money to pay back our lenders, we decided to pick the winners of this raffle.

We have also made enough money to buy a new product for a new raffle. Our group will now to try to make a decision on what our next prize should be. I am thinking about ideas for the next raffle.

As I reflect back, I didn't want to do a raffle. I didn't agree with the group because I thought it would be difficult to make any profit. It did take a while to secure our lenders to cover costs, and I was concerned we would not be able to secure the lenders. Once we were able to secure our lenders, we were able to run our sales. Running sales are much easier to do.

In this unit, I have learned a lot about how to run a business and the complexity of what a Kiva borrower faces.


It's hard to be a borrower. It all starts when you first ask for a loan. You have to think about if your loan is too high or if you are going to get funded. Also picking out a product was hard because you don't really know what is going to be popular. Even though being a borrower is hard you can always try your hardest and get through the rough beginning.


This was a quote that inspired me: "I'm looking forward to the future, and feeling grateful for the past." -Mike Rowe. This was my favorite quote because even though bad things have happened in the past you can still be grateful for the learning experience and it also says how you should always look forward to the future!

One global competency that relates to my group is resiliency. Because as we did the project there where many times that I didn't work well with the group but I would be resilient to work together. I think that this skill will help with my later life when working with other people.