My Summer

By: Brenden Gaumer

My summer wasn't all that glorious. It consisted mainly of video games, Netflix, and listening to music. The main games I play are Call of Duty, Minecraft, and I was able to play the Destiny Beta. I also got to watch some interesting series on Netflix that i really enjoyed; Sherlock, Supernatural, and Doctor Who are a few examples. But most importantly I got to listen to music the entire summer. Music is my life, its a distraction when you need it, or it can get you pumped up, or it can be romantic as well. But I did do a few other things as well. I had the chance to help with set construction for the Sound of Music that was performed here in town at McChale PAC. I was also able to spend some time at France park with the family and some friends and had a blast. Overall I think my summer went pretty well.

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