Game B_B_Breaking Glitches!

F.Y.I. (For your information,) this s W.I.P., so no comments.

# 25: Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)

If the player dies on the World 5 airship, there is a slim chance it will go to the sprite of the island you were just on, a.k.a. out of bounds. No one knows how this glitch commences, making that anchor item pretty useful, for once.

# 24: Paper Mario (N64)

There is a room you should be able to enter in the final area of the game, but you can't enter. Once, the enter room cut scene will appear and it will show you the room, chest and lava for a brief moment, and then will explode countless of numbers at your face. Just imagine all the kids (who found this glitch) that were supposed to have what was a good time, ruined.

# 23: Age of Empires (DS)

The game is very fun, but lets just say if you save your game with a name that has 4 characters (letters #s etc.) or less, it will break your game, it even tells you this on the box! The game also has different other minor bugs.

# 22: GTA San Andreas; Madd Dog Mission

Madd Dog just falls and dies before the scene ends sometimes. All I need to say.

# 21: Legendary The Box (PC)

There is a 1 in 5 chance that the elevator to the final battle will pass through the player's body, and if you have it once, you will have it EVER SINGLE TIME. EVER SINGLE TIME. All I need to say. (Again)

Below are pictures for each game., a sprite or artwork, can't find pictures for glitch, but I CAN find a video! (Soon)

Its the first video that appears! (from left to right!)

Here's a video of all 25! Again, its the first one from left to right.